14 January 2010

Togo Team Tragedy in Cabinda

While Togo's team bus traveled through the northern region of Angola known as Cabinda, enroute to their headquarters for the African Cup of Nations tournament, a separatist group attacked the bus and fired upon them. Three men were killed in the attack. The victims include the bus driver, the team's press officer, Stanislas Ocloo, and team's assistant coach, Amalete Abalo. Eight others were injured. Seriously injured reserve goalkeeper, Kodjovi Obilale, was flown to Johannesburg, South Africa to undergo surgery. He is now in stable condition and recovering well.

Team captain, Emmanuel Adebayor, who escaped unscathed, looked visibly shaken and emotional in front of cameras.

The northern part of Angola is a very volatile region, and is set to host something like eight matches during the tournament, including a quarter-final.

The team has dropped out of the African Cup of Nations Tournament and remains in Togo for the time being. Two men have now been arrested in coordination with the attack.

Link: Attack on Togo at Cup of Nations - Timeline

pictures via google images and dailymail

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