21 January 2010

Carles Puyol: Nice Body, Fugly Face

There's no denying that Señor Puyol has a rockin' bod. I mean, the abs and hip dips alone would send any admirer into a tailspin. But I must admit that his face (and hair) leaves much to be desired. So I've taken the problem into my own Microsoft Paint document hands. Let me know what you think of my efforts.

At first I took the easy way out, and simply applied a bit of scribbling.

Then I got creative and attempted a paper bag. Don't worry, he has eye-holes.

picture via google images


BigEddie said...

It sort of reminds me of my Wayne Rooney "issue". His hot, sexy, pale, white body has always been a major hardon but his face (Shrek comments notwithstanding) had something to be desired. But strangely, THAT Shrek face has grown on me and Wayne is my ultimate Sex God, top to toes (oh those feet!). Maybe this will happen with Charles? Maybe his face will just grow on ya?

Pamela said...

Lol, his face has definitely grown on me! He has a rocking bod, but I also lik his face, the only problems is his hair. If he would cut his hair short he'd be ten times much hotter.

Anonymous said...

lol, crazy!!

Anonymous said...

well i LOOOOOVE him head to toes!!!!
everything on him looks so manly and... uhm........yeah...wow!