14 January 2010

David Beckham's Annual AC Milan Debut

There just aren't really words...

He's got a new tat though.

And it's based on a painting by Catholic artist, Matthew R. Brooks. The piece is entitled, The Man Of Sorrows. What B-Becks has to be so sad about I have no bloody idea. His life seems pretty nice if you ask me.

Oh and... he took his shorts off too. (Yes, thanks so much for that image D-Becks. Your ass muscle dimple is just divine.)

pictures via zimbio, dailymail, and Kickette

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BigEddie said...

Everytime I get annoyed by Beckham (and he can be annoying, especially when he's talking) and that horrendous wife of his... I see pics like this. And I get a hardon. Can't help it.