31 January 2010

Footballers are Idiots: Drugs, Violence, and Speed

Adrian Mutu failed another drug test. The level of his stupidity never ceases to astound me.

Rio Ferdinand received a four match ban for violent conduct. Seeing that he returned from injury like 5 seconds ago, I'm sure United fans are thrilled.

And lastly, Ashley Cole is going to be suspended from driving for four months after getting stopped for going over 100 mph in a 50mph speed zone in his Lamborghini Gallardo. He blamed his behavior on the fact that he was attempting to escape the paparazzi. Well, sucks for you mate. Looks like you're going to be carpooling with one of your teammates who also lives in Oxshott. (I suggest JT, so at least you know he's not at your place after training...)

pictures via google images

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