07 September 2009

Fernando Torres with Olalla and Nora on Holiday

They seem to really be enjoying the parenting thing. It's quite adorable.

Although Nando seems confused by the whole bottle thing.

pictures via HLN.be


Mal Mal said...

how nice!
I don't really get all those mean comments like "I hate her" and stuff just cause she's a wife of Nando.. U know I used to love El Nino for what he is too, a great striker, rich n famous, plus a hottie! But now I've aaalll my respect for him, that is so great to see he really loves her, and must be her personality what he values, not fake boobs or superskinny legs! that is so adorable,and I'm sure he had good reasons to choose that girl also, so ppl, if u don't know her in life, don't judge her!
they look so sweet together and now happier than ever with little baby girl :)

Mal Mal said...

oh and I know I'm the 1st one to comment, mean comments I meant those I've read under other photos on other sites..

Anonymous said...

I like your comment, Mal Mal. Juz don't get it. Why do they hate her like that? I like her, 'cause she's the one who loves Nando & makes him happy.