27 September 2009

Arsenal Players Mobbed at Milshake City Openning

Jack Wilshere and Gael Clichy attended the opening of Milkshake City in Finchley, north London. Overjoyed fans clamored for autographs, which caused the two to promptly leave.

Why in god's name would you go to such event? I mean, it's not like you want to be seen slurping down massive milkshakes. It's not a classy club opening or anything worth attending. And Gael, definitely not a good idea to bring the lady friend. She looks pissed. Any event that involves a shirtless man with a chest painted like a cow, who's on stilts in cow pants, is not something you, as professional footballers, want to go to. End of story.

pictures via getty images


Schumy said...

I support Arsenal mostly but yhis little bastard made me angry a few days ago, When he acted like shot on the face, in WBA match.

He looks like just a baby in this photo.

Anonymous said...

ohhh gael clichy's girlfriend is so beautiful... i'm so sad now :(

Elisha Cooper said...

I Love You Jack :)