05 September 2009

Bayern Fans Get Free Beer

After their worst start to a season in 43 years, Bayern Munich, in coordination with a local brewery sponsor, provided 7,000 litres of beer for free to fans before the match against Mainz. Unfortunately they lost 1-2. But I'm sure the blow was lightened by that free pint before the match. (Not so much.)

picture via yahoo sports


Schumy said...

Bayern isn' t watched even drunk. They really suck tihs year, I beleive even Robben won't be able to save them...

Free Beer Movement said...

Hey we’re no German super club, but we’re trying to establish the principles of “free beer” here in the US.

We’re trying to bring more American soccer fans to games through the medium of free beer. If you are a soccer fan, bring some non-soccer fans, buy them a beer and see what happens.

We’ve got the whole movement documented at our site:

PS.. great site!