04 February 2011

Christine Bleakley Leaves Spa After Spray Tan

Christine was photographed leaving Michaeljohn in Mayfair after getting "beauty treatments" which included a haircut and, obviously, a considerable dousing in spray tan. It is to be pointed out that the tan does take time to settle, so it looks a lot worse than it actually is.

She was out this weekend with Frank to celebrate her 32nd birthday. She tried to pull the wool over our eyes by putting a jacket over the dress she wore on the red carpet not too long ago, but you aren't fooling anyone Miss. Bleakley. Also, that jacket is stolen from Toni Poole's dressage uniform.

SIDE NOTE: I didn't once call her Toofer. Be proud of me.

pictures via dailymail

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Anonymous said...

Spray tans? LMAO!!!