15 November 2009

Robert Enke Passes Away

Enke, after suffering with depression for six years, stepped in front of a commuter train near his home in Hannover on Tuesday evening. The 32-year-old goalkeeper played for Hannover 96 and was looking to be the leading goalkeeper selected for Germany's World Cup campaign in South Africa. His widow, Teresa, appeared in front of camera on Wednesday to explain the situation to the world. Robert had been secretly suffering from depression since the birth of his daughter, who was born with a heart malfunction. Two years later, his daughter passed away of heart complications during surgery. Robert was loved by his Hannover and Germany teammates. He will be gravely missed by staff members as well.

At a press conference announcing the cancellation of Germany's international friendly against Chile, Oliver Bierhoff broke down in front of cameras.

A memorial service was held at Hannover stadium today where his wife was consoled by a friend as she approached the casket.

German internationals Jens Lehman and Christopher Meztger were present, as well was German team manager, Oliver Bierhoff, current coach, Joachim Loew, and former coach, Jürgen Klinsmann.

German captain and vice captain, Michael Ballack and Per Mertesacker presented a German flag inspired wreath at the temporary memorial site.

Hannover 96 teammates created a guard of honour for their fallen teammate as others carried the casket out of the stadium. German internationals supported eachother in the stands. In a private ceremony, Enke will be buried next to his daughter, Lara.

My thoughts go out to Teresa, his daughter Liela, and the rest of Enke's family, friends, and teammates during this difficult time.

pictures via google images and dailymail

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I want to share a video that I made for Enke in memoriam.


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R.I.P Enke and her daughter Lara...