27 May 2010

Paul Terry Follows in Younger Brother's Footsteps

So it appears Paul Terry, the older, shorter, less attractive, less successful, and divorced brother of John Terry, has been conducting in the same sort of despicable and utterly disgusting behavior as his little bro. Paul, 31, currently plays for Rushden and Diamonds (which is not even in the Football League). But that's not the only place he's been playing around. Apparently he's been hooking up with Lindsey Cowan, the 25-year-old fiancee of Rushden and Diamonds' keeper Dale Roberts. The best part is that because of the upheaval he's caused within the squad, Paul might actually get sacked from the club. (I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that he's also complete and utter rubbish.)

picture via google images

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Cindy said...

John Terry is the epitome of a butterface