05 December 2009

Frank and John Finally Slip

Click on picture above to watch video.

The question asked was, if one or the other isn't playing, do they act and play differently?

Frank: "Subconsciously when you know he's behind you it gives you a nice feeling, ya know."
- Yes we know. Cue large burst of laughter and facial redness.
John: "I wanna know why I'm always behind."
- I can't imagine why, JT. More laughing.
Frank: "You're better off, trust me."
- Wait a minute. How does he know?

Then John was asked how it feels when Essien is in front of him rather than Frank. (A loaded question, I must admit.) His response:
"Yeah, I'll take Lamps all day."

Me too, JT, me too...

video via Kickette

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