11 March 2008

Footballers are Idiots...

chanelle hayes seb hines
…and apparently some of their girlfriends are too. Chanelle was “shocked” to find out that her new love, Seb Hines of Middlesbrough, is living with his currently expecting girlfriend, Katie Abram, and their two-year-old daughter, Tamia. Chanelle claims she was unaware of Hines current marital status, and Hines claimed to Abram that he only took Chanelle to the cinema when they were briefly separated. I’m going to say that all parties here are acting like idiots.
Note: Need to start company for WAG wannabes who wish to know if their newly acquired status is indeed theirs and theirs alone. Shall name my research company/detective agency: I NEED TO KNOW IF THE FOOTBALLER I'M HOOKING UP WITH IS ACTUALLY SINGLE, BUT I CAN'T READ A NEWSPAPER AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE WIKIPEDIA OR GOOGLE. (Think it's too long?)

LINK: Chanelle's WAG hopes shattered as footballer love interest is having a baby with girlfriend

pallet and simpson
Danny Simpson please stop making out in the street. It’s just bad taste. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar footballer or just some chav on the street excessive PDA is improper behavior. And seeing that it’s with the stereotypical god-awful soap star, I denounce you purely for lack of creativity.

LINK: Roxanne Pallet Gets Her Man U

xabi and nagore
I don’t understand why Xabi Alonso is getting all this slack for wanting to be there on the birth of his first child. What’s the big deal? I guess this is more like why the media and Rafa is making such a big deal out of what seems like common logic to most human beings. (And let me assure you that I had the same thought before Liverpool beat Inter Milan to join the other three English clubs in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.) I mean he’s Spanish, so family probably means a lot to him. I can totally understand why he didn’t want to go to Italy while his wife sat at home suffering through labor pains. Lastly, I doubt it will be affecting his selection for the Liverpool. Rafa would have to be an utter idiot to believe he can leave out a player like Xabi with the current situation he’s in anyway.

LINK: That’s Yer Tot, Alonso

drogba kit
Didier, seriously? I pray to god that you’re buying all these kits to send down to Africa to family and friends or some type of charitable donation. If you are that concerned with your numbers on the list of kit sales, we have an issue, or rather you do. Stop acting like an idiot and taking offense to the taunting of the lads about being #3 in kit sales to Lampsy and JT. They are English lads so it just makes sense. Who gives a flying rats ass about kit sales anyway. Just put some balls in the net and you will be loved by one and all. Including me.

LINK: Drogba Buys Hundreds of His Own Replica Shirts

avram grant 3
I saved this for last because I thought the remembrance of Chelsea's sorry performance this weekend may bring me to tears… again. But I will hold myself together just long enough to call Avram Grant a fucking idiot. If you’re two top scorers, who, may I add, have had extensive time off for more serious injures, pick up small, niggling knocks and ask to play, you better fucking play them. Frank Lampard has scored six goals between the cup competitions alone this season and he has also scored in each of the last two games. If he wants to play, you better put him on the pitch. Didier Drogba, although slightly off target recently, has a superb cup competition record and was the only scorer for the Blues in the Carling Cup Final loss to the Spurs. These are two key attacking components to your lineup. And they should have played, straight up. The lineup was good, but it could have been better. Let’s not kid ourselves.

His incompetence becomes more apparent to me everyday.

LINK: Avram Grant Admits Neck is on the Block After FA Cup Humiliation

I feel better now that all of that's off my chest.

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